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New Year, New Look

Ozark Aeroworks embraces a new look with a revamped website, aiming to create a more accessible online presence. But beware, a new look often causes increased confidence, a spring in your step, and a go-getter attitude. It's safe to say Ozark Aeroworks is experiencing these side effects, but we aren't the only company participating in this jubilant jaunt. In fact, websites go live every second. According to, there are close to one billion live websites right now.

Check out these other fun facts from about what else happens online every second, literally:

Every second…

  • 7,079 Tweets are sent

  • 482 Instagram photos are uploaded

  • 1,436 Tumblr posts go live

  • 1,993 Skype calls are made

  • 32,283 GB of Internet traffic occurs

  • 52,400 Google searches are performed

  • 114,979 YouTube videos are viewed

  • 2,458,230 emails are sent

All in 1 second!

While the world connects in thousands of ways every second, Ozark Aeroworks encourages you to take a second to browse our site’s facelift. Meet our management team. Discover the wide variety of services we offer, including our in-house NDT lab. Follow our blog, featuring industry related monthly posts about what we find interesting, useful, and relevant.

In addition to our new look, Ozark Aeroworks looks forward to the new opportunities 2016 has to offer, and we are even more eager to maintain a connection with our ongoing relationships.

Happy New Year!


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